Welcome to RealSelf Trends


Welcome to RealSelf Trends

Graphic by Shelby Evans

At RealSelf, we host discussions about a range of self-improvement considerations, from LASIK to liposuction and everything in between. There’s a tremendous need for information when it comes to these kind of life-changing decisions with a lot of people researching their options. In fact, at RealSelf:

  • 70 million pages of content are viewed per month
  • 1 million answers are live from doctors addressing consumer questions
  • 51 million people visited in 2014

Those kind of numbers give us a rich bed of information from which to cultivate interesting stories — without violating the anonymous nature of our community. Those are the stories you can expect to see here at RealSelf Trends.

Have something you’d like to see? Tell us about it.

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Elisabeth Kramer is former managing editor of RealSelf Trends.

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