Medical Tourism: Americans Head to the Dominican Republic and Mexico


Medical Tourism: This Country May Be the Next Big Destination

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When it comes to medical tourism destinations for Americans, there’s one country that gets a lot of attention: the Dominican Republic.

The Caribbean nation has a long history of being the go-to spot for those in the U.S. looking to have work done abroad. In fact, interest in Dominican doctors hit a new high on RealSelf earlier this year. While that interest has since dropped — by 25% between February and May 2015 — the DR still tops the charts for countries Americans are interested in visiting for surgery.

There’s a new nation people are researching, however: Mexico. RealSelf traffic to doctors based in Mexico has doubled in the past year, a rate that outpaces any other Central or South American nation — including the Dominican Republic.

Medical Tourism: Americans Look to Mexico as the Dominican Republic Falls Out of Favor

Unfortunately for both countries and for their certified doctors, the DR and Mexico are often the locations of negative stories about medical tourism gone wrong. How can you offset these concerns? Do your research.

The Dominican Republic and Mexico each have an organization that oversees plastic surgery in their respective country. For the DR, it’s SODOCIPRE and for Mexico, it’s AMCPER. Using the information provided by these organizations can help the thousands of Americans researching the option of having a medical procedure abroad.

Would you go abroad for a plastic surgery? Tell us why or why not in the comments.

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Elisabeth Kramer is former managing editor of RealSelf Trends.

  • Dr. Enriquillo Clime

    I think we need to have one thing clear with more then 600 surgeries every month by the members of the Dominican Republic society of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery the Dominican Republic (SODOCIPRE) it’s one of the safest destination for any procedure. Doctors with experience, training and updated in the latest techniques on the field are ready to serve the most complex patient. but as in any country (including the U.S.) we fight everyday with doctors (in the best case scenario) of other fields that will venture in the plastic surgery field.

    let’s do the math in all fairness, the member of the SODOCIPRE have less the 1% rate of complication in this year (and zero death). With fully equipped center, the oldest plastic surgery school in the region the Dominican Republic will give great and safe result. and it does so we medical science and skills that endure the face of time. with publications, members of the ASAPS, FILAP. ISAPS and others Dominican Republic is here to stay. our strength its not only in our numbers. are strength it’s in the results.

  • Enrique Almonte-Checo

    It is my guess that when you post certain information about something you might probably ignore , you know how deep your getting into and how rude and/or disrespectful it may sound.
    If a patient is doing surgery abroad is because he/she had been recommended to because of probably economic issues, but mostly because of the evident surgical details offered by surgeons of this country.
    If you write about plastic surgery tourism errors or mistakes and have the guts to misinform the public media , you might have the opposite article or articles that reveals or support that those statistics are none or different back in USA, otherwise is understood that this bunch of misleaded words written by you is none, but a probably paid press info that nonchalantly denotes ignorance and disrespect to a group of doctors and medical facilities that are doing an excellent work on this very challenging career.
    Try us! We may have free consultation for you and your staff. Drop by, see the difference. Welcome to the Dominican Republic.

  • Joseph Harkins

    World Serious: Is Dominican Republic Medical Tourism Ready
    to Play Ball? # medtour#

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