The #1 Skincare Treatment More Men Are Asking For


The #1 Skincare Treatment More Men Are Asking For

While women have access to countless skincare products, new survey research suggests more men are seeking in-office treatments to keep their skin looking good. In particular, they’re interested in getting rid of acne scars.

In a survey of 500 board-certified doctors, dermatologists said acne scar treatment is what their male patients ask for most after the more traditional requests for Botox, nose jobs, and weight loss surgery. On RealSelf, nearly a third of traffic to acne scar-related content comes from men — that’s more than double the level of interest men show in popular pages like Botox or rhinoplasty.

The #1 Skincare Treatment More Men Are Asking ForDr. Martie Gidon has seen the trend herself at her Toronto dermatology office.

“Five to 10 years ago, about 50% more men [started] seeking acne scar treatment [at my office],” she says. “Over the last five years, the request has grown at about 10% per year.”

What’s behind the uptick? Dr. Gidon cites increased media coverage about elective cosmetic treatments.

“Many men have put up with embarrassing acne scars because they were not aware that there were treatments to help,” says Dr. Gidon. These days, she said, men are simply better informed of their options.

Increasing numbers of men are also making their personal appearance a priority. One in five surveyed doctors described their clientele as more male than ever.

“Men are definitely becoming more concerned about their appearance,” says Dr. Susan Goodlerner.

A dermatologist and associate professor at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, Dr. Goodlerner says more and more men are visiting her Los Angeles-area practice. Younger male patients typically want treatments to boost their confidence while older men often want an edge at work. An easy way to do both is to remove long-hated acne scars.

“I have been grinning ear to ear. I can’t remember being as happy as I am.”

Doing so is easier than ever, doctors tell RealSelf. Innovations in laser resurfacing have decreased recovery time and the risk of complications. Nearly 90% of people who’ve had treatment for acne scars say it was worth their time and money, according to the latest RealSelf reviews.

John* was one such satisfied patient. After a single treatment to acne scars along his cheeks and forehead, he described how pleased he was with the results.

“I have been grinning ear to ear,” John wrote of his experience. “I can’t remember being as happy as I am looking in the mirror.”

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*Name has been changed to protect user’s privacy.

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