16 Million Treatments + Hundreds of Millions of Searches: The Year’s Top Cosmetic Trends


Plastic Surgery Consumers: The Data You Need to Know

Last year, RealSelf saw more than 47 million unique visitors from the United States and 77 million worldwide.

Inspired by annual statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), RealSelf looked at the trends in consumer interest on our site. Of the top procedures United States doctors say they performed in 2015, here’s where we saw consumer interest surge.


Liposuction traffic rose 94% last year, driven by site search growth. Who searched it the most? Men and women aged 25 to 34. This same group also showed increased interest in breast augmentation (+70%). Look slightly younger — ages 18 to 24 — and rhinoplasty shows noticeable growth (+73%). Look slightly older — ages 34 to 44 — and tummy tucks took a lead (+74%).

Top 5 Surgical Procedures Performed in 2015


The popularity of non-surgical cosmetic options also grew in 2015. Botox alone was the #1 minimally invasive topic researched by RealSelf users in 2015 with consumer interest up 70% in 2015, based on unique visitors to RealSelf and compared to 2014.

Also up: injectable fillers (+62%), chemical peels (+70%), and laser hair removal (+86%).

Top 5 Non-Surgical Procedures Performed in 2015

What Stood Out: BBLs and Male Breast Reduction

Continuing a well-covered trend (ASPS notes butt-related procedures are the top growth area in 2015), buttock augmentation with fat grafting, a.k.a. the Brazilian butt lift, saw a 66% increase in interest on RealSelf last year. The topic has more than 13,000 first-hand reviews so far, many by millennials, who accounted for 53% of all traffic to the topic in 2015.

What Stood Out in 2015: Brazilian Butt Lift

Also of note: male breast reduction. Interest in this topic was up 55% in 2015. That mirrors RealSelf survey data; 42% of plastic surgeons surveyed by RealSelf report that more men sought plastic surgery to the chest than any other area of the body in 2015.

What Stood Out in 2015: Male Breast Reduction

To learn more about consumer trends related to elective cosmetic procedures, contact media@realself.com.

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Elisabeth Kramer is former managing editor of RealSelf Trends.

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