The Age Fix: Plastic Surgeon Reveals How to Really Look 10 Years Younger — Without Surgery


Youth isn’t only found under the knife in The Age Fix, the second book from board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn. Despite Youn’s impressive credentials in the plastic surgery field — you may have seen him on The Doctors or Good Morning America — he shares his formula for preventing and reversing the signs of aging through non-invasive methods like diet — and, for eligible candidates, cosmetic surgery. Youn further breaks down his solutions into four levels of intervention: natural (DIY items you have in your kitchen), chemical (products you can buy or be prescribed), technical (non-invasive gadgets, some of which you can even use at home), and surgical.

Youn spends more than half the book championing proper lifestyle choices. Readers who prefer to boost collagen with a DIY coffee scrub will find a recipe inside. Every skin type has a full sample skincare routine, and Dr. Youn shares a two-week meal plan to enhance youthfulness. He even answers the age-old skincare question: Do you need toner? (Spoiler alert: Probably not.) Especially key are Youn’s specific product recommendations within a range of price points. Unlike many in the beauty industry, he also doesn’t shy away from sharing treatments to avoid.

Youn puts his expertise to use for more surgery-inclined patients. He walks through the latest treatment options for face, body, eyes, and smile. Those who want to know, for example, exactly how a facelift works will find a comprehensive diagram, alongside tips for contouring your face with makeup. Through it all, the book’s tone is “choose what’s right for you.” Read the book from start to finish for a true master class on how to look youthful, or keep it handy to reference before consulting a doctor about your own next age fix.

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