Hair Loss, Non-Surgical Nose Jobs, and Cosmetic Dentistry Rule in the UK

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RealSelf data analysts have seen an uptick in traffic from the UK recently, which inspired us to to take a closer look at what our friends across the pond are researching. To uncover what’s trending in the UK, the RealSelf data team analyzed which treatments had the highest interest growth spikes over the last year. What made the list? Hair loss treatments, non-surgical nose jobs, and cosmetic dentistry all top the charts.


One trend worth noting is that many of the treatments with high interest growth fall under the non-surgical category. Hair loss treatment is up nearly 75% compared to last year, and hyaluronic acid fillers, commonly used in non-surgical nose jobs, are up 56%.



Non-surgical Rules

When it comes to non-surgical treatments, the UK shows higher interest across multiple topics compared to the States. Differences worth noting are the UK’s interest in non-surgical nose jobs. UK people are 75% more interested in this topic than Americans, and they research cosmetic toxins, including Botox, 53% more often than Americans.



Bad Teeth Debunked

People in the UK have long been stereotyped with bad teeth, but new RealSelf data suggests that the UK is stepping up their interest in improving their smiles.


The UK shows more interest in a range of dental-related treatments than the US. One exception is Invisalign. Americans are 8% more interested in that treatment than people in the UK.




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